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environmental testing

mold testing

During mold testing, UPI building inspectors use advanced infrared scanning as well as detailed visual inspection to identify the presence of mold in your home or building.

Mold can be found almost anywhere, as long as moisture and a food source is present. While not all molds are toxic, recent research shows an alarming rate of harmful fungal species in poorly maintained homes or buildings with water damage, moisture or high humidity levels.

If mold is suspected during our mold testing, samples can be collected and sent to a lab for analysis to confirm such contamination and help determine proper remediation.

Conditions that contribute to mold growth include:

  • Water intrusion or leaks
  • Fibrous materials, such as wood, paper backing or gypsum board and any building product that can hold moisture
  • High humidity levels
  • Damp conditions

what’s inspected during a mold environmental test

protect your health from hidden environmental dangers

Basement and lower rooms

Crawl space

Rooms with water/moisture damage

Interior walls

Window frames


Ceiling tiles

Other current or former damp materials made of fibrous cellulose


All accessible heating, ventilation and air conditioning components

Indoor plants

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  • Bryan has been my go to for each and every inspection I have needed in my real estate career. He is consistent, thorough, up to date and educated with the newest tricks and tools for inspections, flexible with rush jobs and always in good spirits regardless of how tight the crawl space or how hot the attic. He has always made himself available to my clients to better explain details of the inspection and any questions they have. He is top notch and I want nothing but the best for my clients!

    W.D. July 2017
  • Bryan did a very meticulous inspection of the property, finding things that I would only have found after buying and living there for a while. Not only does he go throughout the property checking the working order everything that you use daily in the house, he also reports on potential issues I might want to be aware of (trip hazards, etc.). Knowing these issues, though minor, saved me money prior to making an offer. It is also nice to know that the property I am buying is otherwise sound. Kudos to Bryan on his thoroughness and professionalism!

    B.B. June 2017
  • I have been a Realtor for 16 years and have been using Bryan Kirkham personally and recommending him to my clients for almost that entire time. He is fantastic! He is very detailed, responsible, helpful and knowledgeable. He’s competitive in his pricing and his reports are very professional and easy to read & understand. I have seen many reports from other inspectors and Bryan’s are very organized. Bryan is my first person I recommend to anyone needing an inspector! I’m thankful I found him so many years ago!

    Ashley Pead R&R Realty

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