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Property inspection reports don’t have to be confusing or cumbersome. Our goal is to provide complete and accurate information in every single property inspection we do, but in a way that is user-friendly.

Utah Property Inspector’s inspection reports are detailed, yet easy-to-read. They are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection and they feature cloud-based access with quick-jump hyperlinks.

You can navigate directly to areas inspected or go right to our General Summary section where findings are rated by repair & replace, safety, or general maintenance. Any areas of concern that we uncover include infrared scanning, photos, and video to help validate the issue and reduce questions and debate. And then, the easy-to-use one click punch list feature gives you the ability to automatically create the  requested repair list to expedite the negotiation process.

All of these items are key differences found in UPI’s property inspection reports.  More importantly, they are differences that help you make an informed decision when buying or selling a residential or commercial property and give you everything you need to take action, simplify negotiations, and coordinate with contractors.

Download our sample cloud-based property inspection report and see the UPI difference for yourself!

All of our Property Inspection Reports Include:

Free Infrared Scanning

Photos of Every Item Inspected

Cloud-Based Access

Video Explanations of Key Issues

One-click Punch List

Quick Links to Key Issues

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why video matters

UPI’s property inspection reports feature video explanations for key items we find. These videos help clarify items that are difficult to explain with text and photos alone. They help reduce tension between buyers and sellers and expedite the negotiation process. Check out a few samples to see the difference.

simplify negotiations

why one-click punch list creation matters

Traditional inspection reports make the creation of a buyer’s requested repair list challenging. Often you have to cut-and-paste, circle issues from the 50 page+ report, and/or copy into another document.

Our property inspection reports feature an easy-to-use one-click repair list capability that automates the process and expedites negotiation. Check out the video below to see how or try it out for yourself with our sample demo.

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