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Because you cannot see, smell, or taste radon, radon testing is the only way to know if the toxic gas is present in your home. Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas resulting from the natural decay of uranium in soil, rock and water; this toxic gas enters the home from below. The EPA urges every homeowner to test for radon when buying or selling a home.

How do I know if radon is in my home?

The only way to know for sure if radon is present in your home is with a radon test. Our radon test will show the level of radon gas present in the indoor air in your home. If you have high radon levels, there are ways to solve a radon problem. Even very high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels.

Is radon dangerous?

The U.S. Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. today. Radon can be a problem in all types of homes and has been found in homes in every state. Factors that can affect radon levels in homes include:

  • Local geology
  • Construction materials
  • How the home was built

How do I protect myself and my family?

It is important to get an accurate radon test. The best way to assure this is to hire a qualified professional to conduct a radon test. As a qualified tester, Utah Property Inspectors knows the proper conditions, test devices, and guidelines for obtaining reliable radon test results.

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