What is the Standard Price for an Inspection?


Home inspection and commercial inspection prices are based on a number of factors:

  • Square footage
  • Property type (single dwelling, apartment, commercial building, etc)
  • Number of dwellings to be inspected
  • Location of the inspection
  • Inspection add-ons, such as Mold Testing, Radon Testing, and Methamphetamine Testing

Utah Property Inspectors believes in giving you complete and accurate information in each and every inspection. All of our property inspections include, at no additional charge:

  • Infrared scanning
  • Video explanations of any problems discovered during the inspection
  • Photos of each area inspected
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-read inspection report that includes a quick list of items of concern for quick negotitations

Our property inspections start at $350. Request a no-obligation quote today.